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Class Schedule & Description

Focused group workouts are open to all fitness levels and modifications can be made by request or by the trainers judgement. Reservation prior to each class is required as each workout is planned ahead of time based on the number of participants to maximize both time and workout efficiency. Consider arriving a few minutes early to prepare and park.



This class was created for those individuals who are seeking an Ab routine or who simply want a workout that will emphasize the core with HIIT included. Workouts are composed of several series based on time, sets, or a combination of both to expand your knowledge in high intensity training and it’s effects on core. Learn to move, tone and strengthen your mid section while breaking a sweat. Train like trainers do! You will be introduced to several advanced exercises however this class format is open to all fitness levels and abilities!

 Class Pass Reservation

Kickboxing Happy Hour


Join fitness trainer Christian Castaneda for Friday fit happy hour. Hit your fitness goals by including kickboxing into your regimen. This class is for individuals looking for a sweaty workout. No equipment necessary or previous experience. The focus is to build coordination, balance, space awareness, muscular endurance and of course kickboxing skills. Those who step up to the challenge usually celebrate post class with a mini happy hour provided by The Anchor Fitness.

Class Pass Reservation

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